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great post thanks for writing it it s probably a very common answer but if i had enough i would definately work less hours i have a 15 month old son and have been back working full time for 6 months, the u s is the most overworked nation in the world - according to the ilo americans work 137 more hours per year than japanese workers 260 more hours per year than british workers and 499 more hours per year than french workers, great news early retirement doesn t mean you ll stop working - if everybody retired early like those mustachians the lament goes there would be nobody left to do the work we need people to do the hard dirty nec, work ethic definition elements of a strong work ethic - in this article you ll learn 1 the work ethic definition 2 why work ethic is super important 3 the work ethics that are in high demand in businesses and 4 how to develop a strong work ethic, exodus and work bible commentary theology of work - explore free resources providing a biblical perspective on faith and work used by workplace christians pastors and scholars, grace in christianity wikipedia - 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