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automatic control of aircraft and missiles john h - automatic control of aircraft and missiles john h blakelock on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this second edition continues the fine tradition of its predecessor by exploring the various automatic control systems in aircraft and on board missiles considerably expanded and updated, fire control system wikipedia - a fire control system is a number of components working together usually a gun data computer a director and radar which is designed to assist a weapon system in hitting its target it performs the same task as a human gunner firing a weapon but attempts to do so faster and more accurately, woodward aircraft turbine engine control and combustion - woodward designs and develops integrated and optimized control systems for aircraft turbine engines, thirty thousand feet radio control r c aircraft - links to radio control r c aircraft web sites radio control r c sites 2nd r c flight school learn how to fly radio control planes and helicopter in five days all fuel planes and equipment furnished, global aircraft f 15 eagle - information and pictures on the aircraft f 15 eagle, a brief history of precision guided weapons nikola tesla - learn about nikola tesla s contribution to the art of remote control and computer technology this page presents a brief history of precision guided weapons, shershen anti tank guided missile military today com - the shershen hornet is the belarusian variant of the ukrainian skif anti tank guided missile the shershen has slightly different applications, mig 25 foxbat interceptor and reconnaissance aircraft - tactical technical information on the mig 25 foxbat interceptor and reconnaissance aircraft, defense security intelligence analysis ihs jane s ihs - the sample news and analysis articles that were previously hosted on these pages have been discontinued up to date ihs jane s defence and security news and analysis content can now be found on www janes com if you would like information about specific ihs defence and security solutions please use the following links, kornet d anti tank missile carrier military today com - the kornet d is a new russian anti tank missile carrier it was developed as a replacement for the ageing 9p148 based on a brdm 2 armored scout car chassis and equipped with konkurs missiles prototype of the kornet d was first presented in 2011, yak 130 light attack and training aircraft combat trainer - development programme the yakovlev design bureau started developing yak 130 in 1991 as the competitor in the russian air force s tender for a new trainer aircraft